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The need to engage in different types of social connections has always played an important role in the lives of human beings. Despite this very real need and desire, there are many men and women today who daily experience difficulties when trying to meet new people and establish new relationships. These difficulties stem from a variety of reasons, such as: a limited common circle of acquaintances, the inherent difficulties of making new connections, and fear of rejection. On-line dating sites and social networks on the Internet provide an intimate and secure way to expand the circle of friends and social acquaintances of every surfer, and the possibility of meeting a wide range of demands and needs.

The Internet offers surfers a combination of convenience and confidentiality, the ability to filter contacts according to basic relevant personal details, and of course, a wide range of people who share common goals and interests.

The popularity of Internet dating services has soared in recent years; the field is growing at an average annual rate of 30%, and is currently considered the most profitable legal field on the Internet.

In order to provide an accessible and effective solution for all these needs, Global Networks establishes and operates Internet sites whose goals are to provide reliable, efficient, and friendly dating site platforms, which enable Members to find diverse partners for different relationships in a pleasant and secure environment.

Abraham Maslow, the well-known social psychologist and author of the “hierarchy of needs” theory, defined the need to belong - the social need to know others and be accepted, to be loved and beloved - as a basic need related and directly connected to the crystallization and development of one’s self-identity. He claimed this was a necessary stage that had to be achieved, after which one could then aspire to the self-respect and the respect of others stage, followed by the recognition stage. Achieving these stages leads upward to the self-actualization stage, expressed by peoples’ ability to make the most of their unique talents, realize their hidden personal potential, and strive to be the best they can be.
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