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Global Networks is a media Internet company, a leading provider of online dating sites, online news sites, online classifieds and social networks in Israel. Established in 2003, Global Networks specializes in creating websites for the general public, according to the various cultural needs and character of different populations.

Global Networks’ goal is to provide a comfortable, efficient and pleasant solution to the often-difficult process of connecting people in the modern world. The traditional methods, which bring people together through existing networks such as friends, work, and places of entertainment may still be effective in part, but may also be somewhat narrow in scope to meet the changing needs of the modern world. Matchmaking and the placing of personal ads in newspapers are outdated, especially when one considers the enormous capabilities of modern technology.

In fact, making new social connections through the Internet is fast becoming one of the most significant and popular ways in which to meet others.

Global Networks has a deep understanding of the hidden potential of the Internet as a tool for creating quality social connections. Global Networks operates dating sites and social networks, which aim to provide a comfortable and efficient platform for helping people to achieve these goals.

Global Networks’ interest is to attract as many new Members as possible, in order to satisfy the needs of its Users. Each site is designed and built to satisfy the needs of a particular target population, and to ensure that each Member can find the specific social connection she/he is looking for.

Global Networks understands and tries to satisfy the different characteristics and needs of each and every individual. Global Networks respects all of its different audiences, and its sites are designed to satisfy every type of population, regardless of social differences, marital status, sexual orientation, and health considerations.

All of Global Networks’ sites are based on up-to-date designs, unique technologies, and business models - in which thousands of hours of business development have been invested - technological development, market research, and studying the target populations’ behavior.

We are committed to the ongoing upgrading and improvement of Global Networks’ sites, both from the technological aspect as well as the content-related aspect, in order to ensure the quality connections created via our sites.

Global Networks’ goal is to create a pleasant, reliable, accurate and secure environment for our Users in order to ensure the creation of quality social connections, whether long or short-term, through a highly effective and efficient process.

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