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Global Networks is a media Internet company, a leading provider of online dating sites, online news sites, online classifieds and social networks in Israel.
Established in 2003, Global Networks specializes in creating websites for the general public, according to the various cultural needs and character of different populations.

We strives to provide our community of global surfers with the opportunity to get the most out of the world of the Internet by offering diverse means of communication, which allow for rich and positive experiences, pleasure, and quality of life.

Were working hard every day so that our surfers can receive the very best possible results and service, and to ensure we are their first choice, when looking for a comfortable and effective solution for their Internet network needs.

We constantly strives for excellence. We are dedicated to a path of ongoing creativity and innovativeness, and to continuing to protect our clients privacy, and guarantee a pleasant, secure and reliable environment geared toward bringing new and meaningful relationships into their lives.

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