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Global Networks’ sites are characterized by a broad perspective and understanding of its Users’ needs, starting from the Users’ primary subscription and interface to the customer support services, available to our clients at all times.
About ‘Blind Date’ Site

"Blind Date – A Love Story" is one of the biggest and oldest dating services in Israel. Since the site went on the Internet in 1999, more than 295,000 registered Members have enjoyed its wide range of services, from our intelligent search engine for meeting new people to the online chat services and advanced network systems.

The site is committed to the following goals: providing high-quality dating services that are serious, advanced and efficient, and ensuring a comfortable and pleasant surfing experience for our Users.

All communications among site members occur via Blind Date’s anonymous messenger system, which enables initial contact between surfers without revealing one’s personal details, unless one chooses otherwise. All of our Members’ photos undergo a strict selection process by site staff members before they are added to the client’s profile, to ensure as far as is possible, suitability and reliability regarding Users’ information.

Blind Date staff members are pleased to answer any questions Users may have, as well as listen and respond to their comments and suggestions.

About Behadrei-Haredim

Behadrei-Haredim is the biggest Haredi news portal in the world. The portal is based on 16 different news channels such as: economy, health, education, politics, family, music, truism and other channel, along side over 200 active forums. Over 800,000 unique users visit the portal every month – from Israel and from 92 countries around the world.

Behadrei-Haredim was launched in 2002 and, over the years, based itself as the only independent Haredi news group which operates based on pure journalistic principals – representing all the different Haredi courts and steams. The portal is managed by a professional news team including tens of editors, reporters, video crews and photographers.

About all-adz

The all-adz site is a database that brings together classified ads from all of the relevant Israeli websites. The site provides easy and efficient access to cars, apartments, second-hand items, work, studies, and tourism. Everything is concentrated into one site and users are not required to search by jumping from one site to another.

all-adz utilizes a ‘smart agent’ service that provides users with their search results, which are pre-defined from the beginning of the search, in real time. Users may choose to access their search results by SMS or via the Internet.

About XLove

The need to connect is important for all human beings. Our history is full of a rich array of courtship rituals and customs. Our society may have changed, but as social beings, our need to connect and enjoy relationships with others hasn’t. This is the reason for the establishment of the XLove site.

Xlove provides users with an opportunity to effectively communicate with many people, in a secure and pleasant atmosphere. Because of the difficulties involved in meeting new people in our fast-paced, modern society, Xlove is dedicated to finding practical and effective solutions for those who want to meet new people and develop new connections. The XLove site gives Users the choice to meet where and when they want, and provides Users with a variety of different types of relationships, such as serious relationships, shared entertainment and nights out, casual sex, one-night stands, and more.

Xlove’s future vision includes expansion based on opportunities to develop and market our existing products and services, together with a variety of new products and services, suited to the special needs of today’s population. The Xlove site offers its Users - any time, any place – the possibility to forge new relationships that may transform their lives by bringing them into contact with positive, satisfying experiences that serve to strengthen their self-esteem through opportunities to meet new people, engage in social activities, and get to know a community of people with similar opinions and sexual orientations and preferences.

Site Registration

All of the applicants who subscribe to Global Networks’ sites undergo a rigorous selection process in order to ensure a secure, quality database of Users and to prevent undesirable applicants from entering the sites. The sites prohibit the posting of advertisements by either commercial institutions or for-profit institutions. Registering for a site is comprised of several stages such as filling out a personal profile form, attaching a photo and personal text, at no charge to the surfer. Non-paying Users may conduct searches, send messages to Members of their choice, and reply to messages received from others. Paying Members may initiate and send an unlimited number of messages to other Members, and view the private photos of Members who have given their authorization to do so. The network adheres to a policy of maximal discretion, and contact between people occurs only with the mutual agreement of both sides.

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